7-26-2016 Security/Dev Reading

7-26-2016 What I’ve been reading this morning -> Security, Python, Linux, and general technology New attack that cripples HTTPS crypto works on Macs, Windows, and Linux This was an interesting one, I’ll be checking out the two things I didn’t recognize in this article today, Web Proxy Auto Discovery Protocol and Proxy Auto Config.  I keep hearing that HTTPS isn’t… Read more →

Codebase review ideas

I read this in my Feedly feed today, an article about perusing and reviewing codebases, and that’s something I’m going to set aside some time for every week.  This quote confirmed something I’d been wondering about for a while, since it seems like there’s always something else, or something new to be learning and using: “But if you go out… Read more →

Episode 5: The One About Superheroes

“Don’t forget to drain the sausage water!” TOP 5 VIDEO GAME SONGS/SOUNDTRACKS: Ian: 1. Wesley Willis – I Whopped Batman’s Ass 2. The Ramones – Spiderman theme 3. Paul McCartney & Wings – Magneto & Titanium Man 4. Suicide – Ghost Rider 5. They Might Be Giants – Particle Man Mike: 1. Tenacious D – Spiderman (live) 2. Link Wray – Batman… Read more →

Colorful Turtles podcast – Episode 4: Video Games and Stuff, pt. 1

“Finland is like the Japan of Europe.” – Ian TOP 5 VIDEO GAME SONGS/SOUNDTRACKS: Ian: 1. Top Gear – Title Music (SNES) 2. Star Control – Hyperspace Music (3DO) 3. Final Fantasy 9 – Oeilevert 4. Hotline Miami – Miami 5. Batman (NES) Mike: 1. DOOM (e1m1) 2. Tetris (Gameboy) 3. Mega Man X (SNES) 4. Super Metroid (SNES) 5. Super Mario Kart (SNES) Atratzu: 1.… Read more →

First Linux video up on YouTube

This was a quick video I recorded while waiting for my laundry to dry, and it didn’t go too badly at all. I’m installing Peppermint 7 linux on a virtual machine in VirtualBox, coming across an error and dealing with it, and trying the install again. I do believe this might become a regular thing, it’s pretty fun.  Really have… Read more →

Trying out HackerRank.com

HackerRank.com is a pretty fun site I found a few days ago, and I’ve already blown way too much time on it.  But honestly, is any time spent practicing dev skills REALLY wasted?  I thought so.   The mission of HackerRank on their ‘About Us’ page is:   The HackerRank team is on a mission to flatten the world by… Read more →

6-21-2016 reading

Today was mostly reading up on machine learning, going through CS229 notes and the Coursera class Week 1.  Wikipedia is also a fountain of greatness, I’m beginning to understand the boundaries of the field and its internal distinctions and vocabulary.  Not quite up on all of the math yet, but I’m recognizing more and more.  This Spotify presentation and its… Read more →