Self-Study/Online Education (2016): 

I’m always learning and pushing myself, and I usually run through at least one exercise or section of material on each of these every day.  The Coursera Machine Learning course in particular has been grueling, but incredibly interesting.



MIT OpenCourseware

Codecademy = mikem1138



Colorful Turtles Band and Podcast


What is Colorful Turtles?  It’s a nebulous collection of music, commentary, reviews and entertainment!

The Colorful Turtles podcast is a weekly music opinion and review show, focusing on psychedelic/fuzz music but by no means limited to any particular genre or style.

The Colorful Turtles band acts as an outlet for all of my solo material.  An eclectic collection of songs and sounds channeling the sonic influence of the Beatles, Tom Petty, and jazzed-out psychedelic jams all drenched in a mist of haze and fuzz, the Colorful Turtles band toes the blurry line between experimental indulgence and compact pop song.


Web: Colorful

Bandcamp: Colorful Turtles on Bandcamp

Facebook: Colorful Turtles on Facebook

Soundcloud: Colorful Turtles band on SoundCloud (music and updates)

Soundcloud: Colorful Tutles podcast (podcast)


Colorful Turtles


Gimle Woodcrafts


dark wood added Gimle name

Specializing in small projects (often with a Nordic/Scandinavian theme or twist) such as signage, ornaments, home decor, and unique and creative ways to build new things.  Many of my creations use recycled/upcycled materials that would otherwise be wastefully discarded.  Also branching out into woodburning (pyrography), examples of that work will be posted on Facebook page.


Spring season I usually produce sets of the Scandinavian lawn game Kubb, it’s really fun to play on a nice summer day with friends.

Fall/Winter is often gifts, games, ornaments.


Custom requests always welcome, contact me I’ll see what I can do!


Gimle Woodcrafts on Etsy (coming soon)

Gimle Woodcrafts on Facebook (a work in progress, check it out!)