Observe the Mike.  He is an avid creator of music, woodcrafts, ideas, collections of words, lines of code and sweet melodies.

Intense challenge is just another way of saying “life-affirming fun,” and one of my favorites was when I played bass in an alternative rock band and we toured the U.S. west coast for a month in 2009. No record label, no manager, no agent.

We organized and handled it all ourselves, and it presented numerous opportunities for quick thinking and improvisation when things didn’t quite go according to plan.

Accept change quickly, make the best of it, and stay positive.

In my previous position I was able to develop an understanding of small business IT/software infrastructure from physical server management and virtual machines to version control, testing, and debugging (sometimes under extreme pressure).  I learned the incredible business utility of well-designed software.

I diagnosed Javascript performance issues on the primary website to reduce load time, developed features in VB.NET/C# for the in-house inventory and purchase management system, and maintained other applications that interact with eCommerce venue APIs like 3Dcart, eBay and Amazon. I’ve gotten used to learning a plethora of new things as quickly as I need them.

The fun part about being restlessly curious is that I have an extremely diverse set of skills, interests and experience.

I studied music, art history, linguistics, and even got a B.A. in pre-law before diving into Information Security. I don’t believe my liberal arts background and my wandering journey into software development has been a liability or waste of time, for it has allowed me to see potential issues in other fields that software desperately needs to address.

I would love to find a job in a place that appreciates and develops it’s technical staff and fosters a climate of collaboration, experimentation, continual learning and hard work.

I crave a challenging, creative environment that let’s me explore technologies and methods to solve problems.

Constantly learning new ways to see and do things is essential to every one of my goals, both professionally and personally.


Have it good,