Javascript, Day 1

Ok, well, so it’s not technically “Day 1,” but it’s the first day I’ve decided to write about the journey. Yes, it’s true, I’m pivoting from Python to try my hand at the language of the cool kids. I’ve actually been meaning to do more front end for a while now, so let’s dive in to the JS ecosystem.

A Beginner’s Guide to npm — the Node Package Manager

Web dev tech:
2016/2017 MUST-KNOW WEB DEVELOPMENT TECH (not a bad video, I like the mindmap graphic)
Express ->

REST API examples:
REST API concepts and examples (a bit old, but good refresher)

Questions for tomorrow:
Why is the local/global node package distinction relevant?
package.json file -> read more on this, it seems like the requirements file in Py.
npm commands -> npm test, npm run, npm help
Precompilers -> SASS
CSS Framework -> Bootstrap/Foundation
React.js -> Flux/Redux?
Docker -> installed on local RaspPi web server

Git work:
Shoot, I forgot to kill the packages before pushing it out.

Lesson of the day – “Boy, am I way too used to Python syntax. {} will be the death of me.”

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