Another Year Gone By (Reflections on 2016)

Well, there it goes.  2016, another year gone by, another Yule celebrated, another 12 months of ups and downs consigned to the Well.  It’s good to look back at the year and reflect on just what exactly happened, and I know I’m usually so focused on the present that it can be difficult to step out of it and look back without some serious effort.  So now that I have a good ham sandwich and a Coke in front of me, let’s just see how this year went!

I don’t keep a journal anymore, so it’s going to have to be Facebook that reminds me of things.


New Year’s resolutions are made to leave my job, become more active in the Asatru community, and pursue my own business.
David Bowie died. Introspection occurred.

Better Call Saul taught me the word “Sex Toilet”.
Saw Deadpool on Valentine’s Day and began to realize something.
Saw Bongzilla.

Saw Slayer, Testament, and Carcass.
Quit my job.  One of the best decisions I’ve ever made.
Star Wars trivia. Perfect game.

Was mentioned in the Forum due to my trivia obsession.
Prince died. Realized that my work ethic pales in comparison, and this made me sad.
Helped Lizzie move out to the middle of nowhere, Fargo.
Started writing and recording music for Colorful Turtles Band
Started planning a global business empire.
Set up a small woodworking shop in the garage.  Gimle Woodcrafts is born.

Saw Entombed.
Released the rough EP “Abnormal Sounds”-Colorful Turtles Band.
Played in the “Band for a Day” event at the New Direction.
Discovered Dellaneva’s deviled eggs.
Played way too much Brutal Doom after realizing how awesome it is.
Scaled down global business empire to “internet” and “Fargo”, which had absolutely nothing to do with the above event.

The Colorful Turtles podcast commences!
Scandinavian Festival. Pretty sure I haven’t missed one of these in about 7 years.
My amazing cat of 21 years died. It was unbelievably depressing.

Colorful Turtles podcast put on hiatus because working for money is cool and I needed to do more of it.

Became more active in Asatru groups.
Saw Sturgill Simpson. Epic.
Started classes at MSCTC for a 2-year degree in Network Security.

I had a birthday. Then I was 30. Much introspection occurred.
Threw in the towel on my first attempt at my own business, but learned a lot and I’m planning round 2.
Played one of the last New Direction shows with Ceiling Walker. More introspection.

Started a new job at 702 Communications.
Como Conservatory and Zoo! Rode a carousel!
Surly Hellfire wurst!
Roadtrip to mpls! New Ulm brewery!

I watched the Cubs win the World Series with Lizzie. It was awesome.

Asked an amazing human to accompany me through life.
Finally made my first batch of mead after getting way too absorbed in reading about technique. Just DO it.
Saw Rogue One. It was pretty neat.
Hosted a brilliant End of Yule/New Years Eve party.


Huh. When you look back on it like that, this really wasn’t too bad a year. Some terrible things, some amazing things, and lots of great shows. One of my greatest flaws is perseverance.  I get bored too easily, and it’s something I constantly battle.

One of my focuses for the new year is more FOCUS and DISCIPLINE. Evaluate, Plan, Execute. I’m not afraid or unable to get things done, but the problem that arises from my lack of focus is constantly starting new projects and getting about 10% of them done. That’s not a good way to do anything useful.

So stop trying to do everything, Mike, and stick to what you know and what you’re good at.

On a related note, I’ve been trying to take these two stanzas to heart these first few weeks of the new year.


Foolish is he who frets at night,
And lies awake to worry’
A weary man when morning comes,
He finds all as bad as before.

The fool who fancies he is full of wisdom
While he sits by his hearth at home.
Quickly finds when questioned by others .
That he knows nothing at all.


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