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I like reading articles like Why You Should Learn Python, it makes me stop and think why I enjoy the language as much as I do.  But the main reason I like that article in particular is that it mentions a Github repository similar to the awesome-python repo, but with a specific security/pentest focus.  I know what I’ll be doing this weekend :0)

python-pentest-tools on Github

I have and am working through two of the books he recommended too, “Violent Python” and “Black Hat Python“.  I’d recommend the latter more, it’s newer and reads better.

Speaking of the weekend, it’s getting closer, so it’s time to hunt for some fun things to do.  This is another Github repo that caught my eye today, mlbgame.

“mlbgame is a Python API to retrieve and read MLB GameDay XML data. mlbgame works with real time data, getting information as games are being played.”

I like baseballl, I like Python, time to experiment!  (I won’t be using the Twins as my team to test it.  Too soon.)

Yes, I’m getting to the whole ‘bots’ thing.  I’ve seen a half dozen articles on how to make Twitter/Facebook/Slack bots, so don’t worry Internet, I’ll figure out what all the fuss is about in a later post.

But this Forbes article isn’t strictly about those “chat bots”, it seems to be calling any automated internet action a “bot”, which seems like a bit of a stretching of the term.  The author mentions a Botnet as an example of a “bad” kind of bot, because DDoS attacks can impact important websites and cause problems.  But how are most of those machines compromised?

In his last section, no mention at all about responsible user behavior when it comes to clicking on things and reading emails.  This is by far a HUGE source of security problems, and I would estimate a big factor in the success of botnets.  Read this scary report if you don’t believe me (So much for counter-phishing training: Half of people click anything sent to them)

Bots and Cybersecurity: What’s the Risk?

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Python Arsenal for Reverse Engineering

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