8-25-2016 – National Parks, Thriller, and Mead!

Well sweet, it’s the 100th birthday of the National Park Service today!  I’ve always loved national and state parks, and their abundance around here is one of the perks of living in Minnesota for my whole life.  That reminds me, it might be time to go camping soon…


I want to be here.

Since we’re hitting Thriller for the next episode of Colorful Turtles, I took a look at the music video for Thriller again.  I forgot how long the damn thing is, but for 1982, it’s a pretty impressive scare when you consider that the best zombie movie came out just 4 years before it, in 1978, and had zombies of “meh” status.  I still love you, original Dawn of the Dead, don’t worry.



Progress on Blizzard Beast Brewing is…progressing.  The supplies are on their way.  Honey is currently being acquired.  I’m pretty damn excited to be able to start experimenting with small-batch recipes.  I have so many good ideas, I don’t know where to start.



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