Month: January 2017

Intro to Network Security, Week 2

Week 2 of this class, and it already feels like I’m on the right track.  Security issues are damn interesting, and after reading through this textbook, I was right to be so obsessive about reading security news and tutorials over the last year or so.  I know these definitions, I can think of examples, I’ve read some exploit code, I… Read more →

Scientific Chess Training?

I’ve been studying chess on and off for a couple years now, and it can seem like a huge undertaking.  Openings, end game, history, psychology, and everything else has been studied down to its core. This is an interesting paper that popped up on HackerNews today, titled “Training in chess: A scientific approach”.  Maybe it’ll give me some good ideas… Read more →

And so (spring) begins

Spring semester started yesterday, and even though I’m only taking two classes, Network Security and Cisco I.  It should be a fun ride now that I’m out of the woods of beginner crap I couldn’t get exempted from.  Updates might be more terse than before, but they’ll be regular as I work through these classes and dive into concepts I’ve… Read more →