Month: September 2016

9-9-2016_Today’s ACM TechNews newsletter!

This week’s Association for Computing Machinery TechNews newsletter had some good stuff in it, here are a couple of the highlights.   New ‘Gel’ May Be Step Toward Clothing That Computes I’ve experimented with hacking wearables for a couple years now, ever since I got an Arduino and then a Raspberry Pi.  Light up shoes, wireless speech readers, temperature sensors… Read more →

9-6-2016_which is best, python or C? (for embedded, that is)

This is an interesting article about an idea I’d never have thought would be possible (desirable?).  Running Python on embedded systems instead of a compiled language.  It would be pretty handy, beings I know Python better, but are there any advantages to using it versus C/C++? This quote in particular caught my eye: “The Barr Group study shows that over… Read more →