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Codebase review ideas

I read this in my Feedly feed today, an article about perusing and reviewing codebases, and that’s something I’m going to set aside some time for every week.  This quote confirmed something I’d been wondering about for a while, since it seems like there’s always something else, or something new to be learning and using: “But if you go out… Read more →

6-9-2016 reading

Well, as of yesterday I’m about 65% sure I’ll be going to school this fall for a Network Administration and Security AAS, so let’s celebrate by…learning! Here are a couple highlights today. Starting out with a good refresher on common security issues -> 10 Most Common Web Security Vulnerabilities Still haven’t gotten to this setup in my VM, but Docker… Read more →

Python logging decorator exercise + debugging

I came across this article in my Feedly feed today, and it looked like a good exercise to work on to develop my understanding of logging and decorator practices in Python. Retyping the examples in vim/sublime went fine, but when I went to run it with Python3 I got:   mikes-MacBook-Air:pythonscraps mike$ python3 Traceback (most recent call last): File… Read more →

Javascript Adventure: The Beginning

Well, the time has come.  I have come out of my Python shell (do pythons even have shells?  teehee), and realized that it is extremely useful to know Javascript.  This might seem ridiculous, but give me a break, I’m furiously learning everything I can in my spare time, development has yet to become my day job (except for the occasional… Read more →