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9-9-2016_Today’s ACM TechNews newsletter!

This week’s Association for Computing Machinery TechNews newsletter had some good stuff in it, here are a couple of the highlights.   New ‘Gel’ May Be Step Toward Clothing That Computes I’ve experimented with hacking wearables for a couple years now, ever since I got an Arduino and then a Raspberry Pi.  Light up shoes, wireless speech readers, temperature sensors… Read more →

8-28-2016 Sunday Funday!

Why you should hire good, skilled cybersecurity professionals   What makes a “good” cybersecurity professional?  Is it all pentesting and code?  I’ve actually asked myself this quite often lately, with how deep I’ve been delving into the guts of operating systems and binaries.  Do I really need to do this?  Well, not really, but its kind of fun to see… Read more →

7-26-2016 Security/Dev Reading

7-26-2016 What I’ve been reading this morning -> Security, Python, Linux, and general technology New attack that cripples HTTPS crypto works on Macs, Windows, and Linux This was an interesting one, I’ll be checking out the two things I didn’t recognize in this article today, Web Proxy Auto Discovery Protocol and Proxy Auto Config.  I keep hearing that HTTPS isn’t… Read more →