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9-6-2016_which is best, python or C? (for embedded, that is)

This is an interesting article about an idea I’d never have thought would be possible (desirable?).  Running Python on embedded systems instead of a compiled language.  It would be pretty handy, beings I know Python better, but are there any advantages to using it versus C/C++? This quote in particular caught my eye: “The Barr Group study shows that over… Read more →

Trying out is a pretty fun site I found a few days ago, and I’ve already blown way too much time on it.  But honestly, is any time spent practicing dev skills REALLY wasted?  I thought so.   The mission of HackerRank on their ‘About Us’ page is:   The HackerRank team is on a mission to flatten the world by… Read more →

Big changes are coming, tease #1

I’m on the cusp of making some pretty significant changes as the new year begins, and one of the things to expect is more activity here on my main personal site.   Activity, you say?  Yep, this blog is going to act as my personal brain dump – projects I’m working on, thinking about, or finished with.  Interesting thoughts on… Read more →


It started out as a pretty lazy Sunday, catching up on a lot of saved reading in Feedly and trying out Zapier integrations for Trello, Evernote, WordPress, Slack, Feedly and Google Docs.  I can totally leverage that service to make life easier, I’m really annoyed that I haven’t until today.   But then things broke at work.  Well, just one… Read more →

9-14-2015_”Who spent the entire weekend on Codecademy? This guy.”

 *Thought of the day* “It’s definitely a good weekend when you spend the majority of it on Codecademy and” Awesome: This mind-controlled prosthetic robot arm lets you actually feel what it touches – This is amazing.  We will be our own robot overlords, at this rate. Design: Becoming a designer in tech – I love reading “how I got started” articles… Read more →